Installation view at MaxHansDaniel - Berlin, November, 2010


爷爷: Aspects of the universe search and sorting computer.

The universe search and sorting computer requires energy in the form of flesh offerings to keep it's calculations and processes going at high benchmarks. The first and second world wars were large offerings needed for complex quantum calculations where large webs of superpositioned realities required collapse. Since that time there has been a shift in the metabolic tendencies of the computer to prefer low level, yet constant, sustainable, flesh offerings. A green revolution of sorts. Today a steady trickle of flesh flows primarily out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, the Caucasus, the Congo and northern Mexico with occasional earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and market crashes for brief processing intensifications.

"The utopia of the technological order is virtual immortality. Hithertofore only ascribed to the gods, to the divinity. Now we have a new pantheon, the computer sits in the middle of it, the computer not being a sign, is the most powerful instrument in the world in that it produces what it signifies, it produces this globalization, in that sense it is the highest magic in the world, and something we are all in admiration of." - Godfrey Reggio


爷爷, digital sculpture, 2010




Fire projected on wood - projection, wood, 2010




untitled (Ouroboros) - 10m electrical extension cord, 2010